West of the Sun: Memories and Vignettes

Text is an integral part of the exhibition. It provides a background to the images, a rhythm to the show and helps transport the viewer to my world that is out there, to the west of the sun.

As well as the various quotes I have collected over the years from favourite authors, musicians and artists, I have written a series of memories and vignettes. Thoughts about life and photography alongside stories told about the taking of particular images. These have already been posted here, in my blog, as memories, but not all of them are relevant to the exhibition West of the Sun.

Below are links to those that are:

Ablutions on the Giant’s Causeway
Blizzards in the Lake District
Five Minute Windows
Half a Mile from Russia
In Sweden without a camera
Marjoram and Fireflies
There were stars in the sea
Wild swimming in Romania




It was as simple as ‘get to the top of Finland and turn left’.  At least that is


Blink and you’ll miss it

Iceland. Never has the essence of a country so closely resembled the way in which I see the


Under the Stars in Madagascar

There are times when writing about memories from as far back as my eighteenth year feels wrong. How



The Rooftop Collective exhibition edition VI Tempus Fugit. So they say. Here we are again, another Rooftop Collective



Ablutions on the Giant’s Causeway

Sometimes you have to squeeze a trip into whatever time you have available. And if all you have


They are no longer alive

Photography can mean so many different things to different people. One of the most poignant and common thoughts


Brown carpets and rotating Y-fronts

Arrival in India 13-03-11: An airport is an airport is an airport. And Delhi airport is an airport.

South_Yemen_Flag copy

Confiscation in Aden

This was one of those moments when something inside you withers away and dies. I was only just

Randomly Selected


Mario Giacomelli

Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000) is the photographer I never had the courage to be. His work exudes extremes of


West of the Sun: Quotes

One of the things that has always given me great pleasure when I read a book is the

Barbara WaceOdalengo Grande,PiemonteItaliaApril 1995

Barbara Wace: Family friend and inspiration

Travel writer, journalist and photographer: Barbara always looked old to me. She was old in my first memories


Sebastião Salgado

Epic and biblical. That’s how I would describe Salgado’s work. And let’s not forget the tonal ranges. And