An exhibition in London’s Carnaby Street

The new Staircase Gallery at Howies:

Well I guess that makes it official then. I have just been to drop off the prints with Jim Shannon at the framers. In two weeks time, from the 1st until the 30th of September, we will be exhibiting.

A couple of weeks ago Jim was asked if he was interested in putting up some of his work at Howies in Carnaby Street in London. They have a small space in their shop which they have turned into The Staircase Gallery for artists and photographers to show their work in, a month at a time.

Jim and I have spoken at length about having a full scale joint exhibition of our work following our trip to India and in particular the Holi festival. While there may only be room for three images each in The Staircase Gallery it was an opportunity neither of us wanted to turn down.

The space cannot be considered a full size or traditional gallery by any stretch of the imagination. Howies is, after all, a clothes shop and not an art gallery. Equally though, I am hugely impressed with the initiative and concept. They have been incredibly helpful, friendly and laid back with us and I think it is important that people are encouraged to show their work wherever possible. They do not charge for the space or want a commission on any sales, which is also very refreshing.

While I may hesitate to encourage anyone to make the trip into London especially for the show (primarily because of its size) I think that if you happen to be in the area then please, come and see them.

The combination and contrast between the styles and techniques of two different photographers, one working in colour and using digital, the other in b&w and film should be extremely interesting. Especially when the subject shot is the Holi festival, such a colour dependent subject. I for one find it fascinating to see images taken in the same places, at the same times, feeding and bouncing off each other, telling the same narratives using such different techniques. It will be fascinating to see whether people feel they enhance each other, sit together uncomfortably or even pollute each other.

But most of all, the individual images look stunning and to see them printed, in the flesh, rather than on a screen makes such a huge difference, even if I do say so myself.

Most importantly though, in the same way that it has whet our appetite for another, bigger and more comprehensive show, I hope it will give you a taste of what we can do and what our work is about. So yes, please do pop in if you are passing and hopefully we will see you at the opening of our future full size exhibition…

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Holi - an exhibition by Jim Shannon and Toby Deveson at Howies on Carnaby Street in London, 2011

Holi - an exhibition by Jim Shannon and Toby Deveson at Howies on Carnaby Street in London, 2011

Holi - an exhibition by Jim Shannon and Toby Deveson at Howies on Carnaby Street in London, 2011




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