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Rooftop Collective exhibiting at Photomonth 2014

EXHIBITION IN COLLABORATION WITH THE CURIOUS DUKE GALLERY: Back in June – thanks to Susan Mumford & Maria Marro-Perera


West of the Sun: Photos of the Silverprint exhibition

It is always sad to see an exhibition come down – and the show at Silverprint was no

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Toby Deveson on Social Media

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West of the Sun: Exhibition at Silverprint

I have been buying materials on and off from Silverprint since I was at college in Brighton in



They are no longer alive

Photography can mean so many different things to different people. One of the most poignant and common thoughts


Choreographed Papal baby blessings

The day of the Pope’s visit to London was all about the protests and marches for us. That


Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches

When you are on a 64 hour journey down the spine of Madagascar on the back of a

South_Yemen_Flag copy

Confiscation in Aden

This was one of those moments when something inside you withers away and dies. I was only just

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Equipment and Materials used – The Paper

FOMATONE NATURE 532- II Within a year of starting to do my own prints I had moved permanently

A Night of Adventure

A Night of Adventure II

Last night I went to A Night of Adventure II with fellow wannabe adventurer, traveller and photographer Jim


Revolution in the air

Three years at art college would not be complete without some politics, squatting and clashes with the police.


Equipment and Materials used – The Enlarger

A DURST M670 BW If you are just starting to experiment with printing your own photographs, there are