The Rooftop Collective: Edition V at The Clerkenwell Gallery

I’m very excited to announce Edition V, the latest Rooftop Collective photography exhibition.

I have been a member of the collective since 2013 and we try to exhibit yearly – usually coinciding with Photomonth in East London.

This year we will be showing at the The Clerkenwell Gallery on Clerkenwell Green EC1R0DP. The exhibition will be curated by Amy Caiger of Caiger Contemporary Art & Susan Mumford of Be Smart About Art and will feature work by collective members Chris King, Constanza Isaza Martinez, Mireia Guitart, Paul Clifford, Sue Roche and Tom Owens and of course myself.

Edition V will once include work from my ‘West of the Sun’ series, concentrating on new work from Iceland, taken in the summer of 2015.

Edition V will once again be part of Photomonth East London and is supported by Metro Imaging.

Edition V will take place from 24-30th October 2016.




It was as simple as ‘get to the top of Finland and turn left’.  At least that is


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Equipment and Materials used – The Lens

A SOLIGOR F2.5 24MM I do own a 50mm as well as a 135mm, but to be honest