Sony World Photographer of the Year 2010

Time to start thinking about entering the Sony World Photography Awards with the deadline of the 5th of January 2011 fast approaching.

The competition is now in its fourth year and I have never entered before. Primarily because images must have been taken during the year of the competition and must be based on a body of work that contains between three and ten images. I have not been prolific enough in recent years or had a darkroom in which to print potential images. Any collections I had were taken long before the competition came into existence.

I will have to start looking through this years negatives to see what I have. I may have to go back to speakers’ corner a few more times if I am to enter any of the Photojournalism & Documentary categories or use stuff from the papal visit when i finally vet around to developing it, but certainly as far as the Landscape category is concerned I should have enough. Providing the pictures I took in Portugal earlier this month are as good as I think they are.

But with the coveted prize L’Iris d’Or and $25000 being awarded at a high profile ceremony in London (which will involve many of the finalists too) it may be well worth any effort required to enter.




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