West of the Sun: Memories and Vignettes

Text is an integral part of the exhibition. It provides a background to the images, a rhythm to the show and helps transport the viewer to my world that is out there, to the west of the sun.

As well as the various quotes I have collected over the years from favourite authors, musicians and artists, I have written a series of memories and vignettes. Thoughts about life and photography alongside stories told about the taking of particular images. These have already been posted here, in my blog, as memories, but not all of them are relevant to the exhibition West of the Sun.

Below are links to those that are:

Ablutions on the Giant’s Causeway
Blizzards in the Lake District
Five Minute Windows
Half a Mile from Russia
In Sweden without a camera
Marjoram and Fireflies
There were stars in the sea
Wild swimming in Romania

Solo Exhibitions

To the West of the Sun

October 20, 2015


June 6, 2012