The V Room – after show party for The Voice, with Cel Spellman, ITV

The V Room with Cel Spellman. The after show party for The Voice, live on 25th March 2017, ITV


The V Room aired live, immediately after ITV’s The Voice and was hosted by Cel Spellman. The show also featured Emma Willis,, Jennifer Hudson, Gavin Rossdale and Sir Tom Jones as well as the relevant contestants. Camera Operators – Toby Deveson, Pete Whitaker, Gareth Buss & Patrick Hanna. Floor Manager – Osi Anyanwu. Lighting – Martin Higgins. Director – John Adams. Series Producer – Anna Dunkley. Executive Digital Producer – Janine Smith.




It was as simple as ‘get to the top of Finland and turn left’.  At least that is


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When you are on a 64 hour journey down the spine of Madagascar on the back of a

South_Yemen_Flag copy

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Skills, Smells and Spells: Press

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Equipment and Materials used – The Paper

Fomatone Nature 532- II Within a year of starting to do my own darkroom prints I had moved