The V Room – after show party for The Voice, with Cel Spellman, ITV

The V Room with Cel Spellman. The after show party for The Voice, live on 25th March 2017, ITV


The V Room aired live, immediately after ITV’s The Voice and was hosted by Cel Spellman. The show also featured Emma Willis,, Jennifer Hudson, Gavin Rossdale and Sir Tom Jones as well as the relevant contestants. Camera Operators – Toby Deveson, Pete Whitaker, Gareth Buss & Patrick Hanna. Floor Manager – Osi Anyanwu. Lighting – Martin Higgins. Director – John Adams. Series Producer – Anna Dunkley. Executive Digital Producer – Janine Smith.



Under the Stars in Madagascar

There are times when writing about memories from as far back as my eighteenth year feels wrong. How



The Rooftop Collective exhibition edition VI Tempus Fugit. So they say. Here we are again, another Rooftop Collective


West of the Sun trailer

A huge thank you to Jim Shannon for putting together this wonderful trailer for ‘West of the Sun’.


No Strings Attached

Photography has become my art. Photography has become important. Laden. Very serious. Photography has become entangled in a



Putting Your Foot In It

Some things in life are constant. As babies we grow into childhood, dependant on certain things not changing.


Zen and the Art of Midge Maintenance

Scotland is famous for many wonderful things… Scotland is also famous for it’s midges. I had, of course,


They are no longer alive

Photography can mean so many different things to different people. One of the most poignant and common thoughts


Cycling into Hungary

Eighteen years old, Morgan and I had decided to cycle to Eastern Europe from Milan, our home at

Randomly Selected


From Dark to Light

A film by Jim Shannon: I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share this short documentary by


The Red Light District: Digital vs Analogue

More musings: A camera is but a tool. A means to an end. The photographer is the artist,


West of the Sun: Story Telling

Story tellers. It would appear that the human race are nothing but story tellers. That’s it. That’s all


Koudelka – Shooting Holy Land

Hot off the heels of seeing Don McCullin came the opportunity to see Josef Koudelka, perhaps my biggest