The Institute of Contemporary Arts

Finally I may say to myself. Finally indeed. Part of the new sociable, mingling me – I have joined the ICA and have booked tickets for a couple of talks in March: Paul Outerbridge: An Artful Balance and Freedom of Photography. Time to get out there and start meeting other photographers, artists, curators and agents.

London in such a wonderful city, but christ, keeping up and getting involved with everything that is going on is exhausting. One step at a time. Next up, membership of Photofusion so I can make use of their studios for some portraits…




It was as simple as ‘get to the top of Finland and turn left’.  At least that is


Blink and you’ll miss it

Iceland. Never has the essence of a country so closely resembled the way in which I see the


Under the Stars in Madagascar

There are times when writing about memories from as far back as my eighteenth year feels wrong. How



The Rooftop Collective exhibition edition VI Tempus Fugit. So they say. Here we are again, another Rooftop Collective



Stereotypical rivers

India 18-03-11 If in any doubt at all (photographically speaking) head straight for water. Immediately as a photographer


Where have all the cats gone

India 19-03-11: It was just a sensation at first, a feeling that something was missing, something you couldn’t


Choreographed Papal baby blessings

The day of the Pope’s visit to London was all about the protests and marches for us. That


Brown carpets and rotating Y-fronts

Arrival in India 13-03-11: An airport is an airport is an airport. And Delhi airport is an airport.

Randomly Selected



Written for ‘Skills, Smells and Spells’, an exhibition held at the Strand Gallery in central London: Each image



It was as simple as ‘get to the top of Finland and turn left’.  At least that is


Creativity born of both impatience and technology

Every now and again happy accidents happen. Just back from India, in the middle of developing the negatives,


Exhibition at the Strand Gallery from 28-05-12

I am extremely pleased and excited to be able to officially announce that I will be holding a