Art 24c

Sunday tea and Cakes:

My agent, Liana Teruzzi, breezed into an exhibition a couple of months ago, Klaus resplendent on his lead before her, and announced that she was going to transform her flat into a public art gallery.

She had been talking for a while about finding a gallery for her business, but she had also been talking about how expensive commercial property was in London. Above all else though, she had been talking about her dream of using a gallery to hold drop-in events on Sundays. For people to pop in unannounced for tea and cakes, view work by her artists, listen to live chamber music or poetry, network and…did I mention have tea and cakes?

Great idea we all said. And thought nothing more of it.

Well, she’s only gone and done it.

Named after her flat number, Art 24c will be hosting its second event on the 24th of November 2013. There will be work on display by myself, Stella Tooth, Tina Mammoser, Annamarie Dzendrowskyj, Paola Minekov and Alessandra Pirovano.

There will also be jewellery by Tina Oberoi from Chahat with music coming from an amazing sound system kindly loaned to Art 24c by The Media Rooms.

The first event last month was a huge success, with people and artists coming and going all day, providing an ever changing, evolving chemistry of characters and conversation.

The plan is to hold a different event every two weeks – though they will be slightly irregular in the build up to Christmas so check the diary on her site. They are perfect for anyone who feels like a relaxed chat, drink and food with people passionate about their art.

It is truly refreshing to see art work in situ on the walls of a home, rather than a clinical gallery, especially if you are considering spending hard earned cash on original art work. Plus, it is worth noting that, with a background and a successful career in interior design, Liana is the perfect person to talk to with regards to buying an original piece of art.

It is still early days in the history of Art 24c, but with Liana’s enthusiasm, fantastic artists and the support and network of Be Smart About Art (where we all met) things are looking promising – and exciting.

So do pop by if you are in the area for some tea and cakes. And some art work too…

…Art24c will be open to the public between 11am and 6pm – no appointment necessary – and can be found at 24C Sibella Road, Clapham, London SW4 6HX, with the closest tube at Clapham North.

See you there, hopefully.

Related Images

Art 24c. November 2013

Art 24c. November 2013

Update 2015

Art 24c is no longer running and I am no longer working with Liana. As far as I am aware she is no longer representing artists.




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