A Night of Adventure II

Last night I went to A Night of Adventure II with fellow wannabe adventurer, traveller and photographer Jim and his wife Rosie. It was organised and put together by our mutual friend Alastair Humphreys whose many adventures include cycling round the world, the Marathon des Sables, walking across India and rowing the channel.

The event was held in the Vue cinema in London’s Leicester Square and it was a complete sell out with over 400 guests. The concept is simple. Each speaker is limited to twenty slides to illustrate their tales of adventure. The challenge is that the slides automatically scroll forwards every twenty seconds. It was a hugely entertaining and inspiring evening, with talks about a wide range of adventures, from cave exploration to rowing across the Indian Ocean, from skateboarding across Australia to trekking to the South Pole and from Rafting the length of the Amazon to flying a microlight from London to Sydney, despite being blind.

The evening was in support of the charity Hope and Homes for Children, a truly wonderful charity. Please take the time to check their website.

It was a memorable evening that naturally did nothing to appease my itchy feet or need to take photographs. Hopefully I will continue to feed off the inspiration as I keep working towards the completion of my book.

Here is a full list of the speakers: Sarah Outen, Tarquin Cooper, Mark Kalch, Tom Kevill Davies, Oliver Steeds, Chris Jewell, Nick Weston, Rick Foulsham, Miles Hilton Barber, Alastair Humphreys, Oliver Hicks, Nick Hand, Felicity Aston, Dave Cornthwaite, Pete Rhodes, Mike and Alanna Clear.




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