Exhibition at Howies Carnaby street branch

The exhibition In Howies is now down and as far as I’m concerned was a huge success and looked fabulous.

Working side by side in India, I was always subconsciously aware of Jims presence, of what was going on, what he was photographing, and what his images may look like. And then we would scroll through his work in the evenings back in the hotel, a vague and subtle jealousy scratching at the back of my skull, knowing I would have to wait till I got back to my darkroom before I could see mine.

So to have the opportunity to see some of my photographs up, side by side with Jims was fantastic. It felt like a natural progression and next step after such an intense few weeks in India.

The space was small but effective, with a large volumes of people passing through, and the staff at Howies made the whole experience an absolute pleasure. The concept of creating the staircase gallery and using the shop for exhibitions is wonderful and should be applauded and encouraged. There are not many places where artists and photographers can find such a laid back and busy space that doesn’t charge at all and does not cost too much to fill.

It was the perfect starting point and ideal springboard for more ambitious projects, and I will certainly be talking to Jim about putting together a more complete show of our work from Holi 2011.

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Holi - an exhibition by Jim Shannon and Toby Deveson at Howies on Carnaby Street in London, 2011

Holi - an exhibition by Jim Shannon and Toby Deveson at Howies on Carnaby Street in London, 2011

Holi - an exhibition by Jim Shannon and Toby Deveson at Howies on Carnaby Street in London, 2011




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