Crowdfunding a-go with Indiegogo

Campaign up and running on prestigious crowdfunding site Indiegogo:

I am over the moon that my campaign to raise money for the exhibition is finally underway. I have decided to try and raise $7500 or about £4700 in forty days.

The concept for crowdfunding is simple and has been growing at a huge rate over the last ten or so years. Rather than try and find a few sponsors and ask for large amounts of money, you look instead for many sponsors and ask for small amounts of money. In return you offer rewards such as postcards, discounted prints, tuition days or anything you can think of.

It has been both fun and hard work putting it all together, and I am fully aware that there will be plenty more of the same over the next forty days. The money will not come rolling in all by itself – I will need to be continuously pushing the campaign and contacting people, so apologies to everyone on Facebook and Twitter in advance…

Donations can be as small as $15 or £10 and in reality it wouldn’t take that many to make it to a pretty large total. But even if you can’t afford that, then just spreading the word, ‘liking’ the campaign or ‘tweeting’ about it will help push my page up the Indiegogo ranking, thereby increasing the chances of someone stumbling on the campaign and funding it…

So please, have a look and watch the video. If you like what you hear or like the work you see then take a couple of minutes to donate & spread the word.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been working closely with me on this project in various roles, but in particular Brook Downton who edited the material I sent his way and worked miracles with the (truly appalling) sound quality from the iPhone-shot footage. The beautiful acoustic background music is also by Brook so thank you so much for that too – it works perfectly. Hopefully we will find the time to collaborate on a piece of music for the private view. There is more of his music on his site, here.

Katz Kiely is working closely with me too on the overall show as an executive producer and her help with the script for the film was invaluable, so a big thank you is owed to her too.

Next up – the press releases, the start of the design process for invitation, postcards and posters and the small matter of some printing…watch this space.



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