Kean Street Photo Collective

One of the things that Be Smart About Art is starting to do is organise more specialised workshops and collectives for the various practices that fall under the umbrella of ‘art’.

The Kean Street Photo Collective came back to life a couple of weeks ago on November 12th 2013. It was formerly known as the Rooftop Photo Collective and, as far as I know, predates Be Smart About Art. It is now being run by Maria Marro-Perera with original members Susan Mumford (founder of BSAA) and Chris King.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the November meeting, but will definitely be going to the next one on January 2014.

I’m already looking forward to getting stuck in. Being a photographer can be quite lonely sometimes – it is too easy to pass days at a time in the darkroom or in front of the computer. Throwing ideas around with like minded people, setting goals and projects for each other and the group will hopefully expand my practice, mind and habits.

Sometimes a deadline, mixed in with a healthy dose of peer pressure is exactly what is needed.

And that can only be a good thing.


The name of the collective has now been changed to The Rooftop Collective.



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