JAKE TAYLOR – Senior director on Big Brother UK & co-founder of Combined Mind

“I have worked with Toby as a senior studio camera operator for nearly 10 years.

He has a fantastic eye for shots most other operators would not even contemplate. Even on the day-to-day formulaic studio based shows that we have often worked on Toby is consistent and puts his all into his work. I particularly like working with Toby because of the care he takes in what he does and the people he supervises. He quietly manages to keep a happy team and deals with any problems with tact and honesty.

I would highly recommend Toby to anybody looking to crew up a reality show, cooking/magazine programme or any kind of event from sporting to award ceremonies. He is a highly skilled consistent camera operator with fantastic visual flair.”

LinkedIn – October 2012

MARIEKE BARKER-BENFIELD – Television director and camera operator

“Toby is a fantastic Camera Supervisor that I have had the pleasure of working with both within his team as a Camera Operator and as his Director.

He is able to manage a large Camera department extremely effectively and takes pride in training less experienced Operators and Assistants up to the level that we’d expect. His caring attitude and years of experience in the industry delivers great results year after year.

Creativity comes naturally to him, as does attention to detail. In live situations, he is quick to react, without compromising on composition.

Toby is an absolute pleasure to work with – a great communicator, manager, teacher, operator, artist. I look forward to working with him again soon.”

LinkedIn – October 2012