CARLA TOFANO – Journalist, TV presenter and producer

“What shines through, above all else with Toby’s work, is that nature loves him. She flirts with him, knowing how wonderfully he will depict her…

She knows how well he understands her.”

Comment on West of the Sun – July 2017


“To simply look at an image is a truly sad prospect, but to really see an image is a blessing and Toby Deveson’s work forces the viewer to widen their vision and to see the world through his savage eyes.”

Quote from ‘His Savage Eyes’ – November 2015


“This is some of the strongest black and white landscape work I have seen in this generation. Your design sense and shape construct is impeccable. I get a distinct feeling of temperature in each of your prints, which marks you out as a master of tonality. Bravo!”

Feedback from website – January 2002

JANE PARKINSON – journalist, presenter and professional wine taster

“There is a stillness and calmness to Toby’s photography – his images feel like the opening sequence in a film, almost as if you’re waiting for something or someone to enter….”

Comment after visiting Vanishing Point at The Curious Duke Gallery – March 2014

 LUCINDA CHUA – Gallery Manager at The Strand Gallery

“I would highly recommend Toby as an exceptional craftsman of photography. In May 2012, The Strand Gallery hosted Toby’s solo exhibition “Skills, Smells & Spells”. Through celebrating traditional darkroom techniques, meticulously processing and printing his own work to a very high standard, he has proven himself a true champion of analogue photography.”

LinkedIn – February 2013

GEMMA PADLEY – Freelance journalist

“Toby Deveson’s raw and honest black & white photographs portray life simply but beautifully.”

Amateur Photographer – June 2012

PAUL CLIFFORD – Photographer

“With so much access to so many photographers on platforms such as Instagram, we are witnessing a never before seen growth in photography. Yet so much of it seems to be no more than illustrations or representations of what is seen, with very little additional creative input from the photographer.

And it is this issue of artistic input that is so amply illustrated in your images Toby – they have so much of you in them, they elevate the landscape into something else entirely.”

Feedback on West of the Sun – March 2016


“Composition is the first word I immediately associate with Toby’s work. It is that certain eye, that development process and the over zealous way in which he represents nature in both a dramatic and epic way that draws me into his work. The ability to depict the beauty of what you see seems in a contemporary society, lost. Toby hasn’t lost it.

These images have no pretence of shifting opinions of the world. They merely celebrate it.”

Quote written for West of the Sun – 2011


“Great Art comes from great ideas and the inspiration to follow the human urge to create. Toby has a unique lense on life and this work celebrates all that is true and pure in photography”

Comment during Crowdfunding Campaign – April 2012

MORGANNA MAGEE – Photographer

“My god, I think you have taken the perfect photo”

Comment from Flickr – February 2008


“Looking at this photostream it feels like I’ve never seen real photography till right here, right now…Thank you for sharing your work”

Comment from Flickr – January 2008


“I have been aware of Toby’s work for many years now and was delighted to be invited to the private view of his last exhibition Skills, Smells and Spells. It was a wonderful evening, warm, lively and filled with interesting people. But what stood out the most were his photographs: Despite having kept up with them for years, I was once again stunned at how they become something else, something greater and eternal when carefully, expertly and lovingly printed, framed and laid out by Toby for an exhibition.

I now have one of his framed pieces on my wall and it constantly fills my soul and my eyes with beauty, every time. Not many things these days can claim to do the same, and this is why I recommend Toby’s photography above any other, as it is a depiction, a representation and a gift, all at once. The true workings of art, and that is priceless.”

LinkedIn – March 2013

PETER DEMETRIS – TV Studio Director

“Moving Toby, very moving!

I’m proud to have supported your exhibition, and prouder still of you – and insanely jealous!


Can’t wait to have your work showing in my home”

Exhibition Comment Book – May 2012

TIFFANY GIBBONS – Interior Designer and founder of Interiors by Tiffany

“Toby, I have had the pleasure of watching and admiring you turn into an amazing artist who uses the camera and lens as his tools. I have loved watching your travels around the world capturing each moment on paper.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your magical journey”

Comment during Crowdfunding campaign – April 2012

KATZ KIELY – Innovation and Engagement Strategist

“I love the way you make the normal seem surreal. Your images are somehow otherworldly.

I will never get bored of the one that hangs above my bed.”

LinkedIn – April 2013

MARTYN PORTER – TV Cameraman and Steadicam Operator

“Your talent is obvious…Your passion is contagious…I can smell the Darkroom when I look at your work.”

Comment during Crowdfunding campaign – April 2012

DIANE KAYE – Photographer

“I love it when a photographer does the unthinkable: shooting the sun – the direction of the light raking across the textured terrain makes this other-worldly and unforgettable.”

Comment from Flickr – December 2008