Postcard Box set with concertina poster


A beautiful presentation box set of thirty postcards from the West of the Sun series.

The postcards come in a sturdy black box, embossed with the words “West of the Sun” on the cover.

Inside is a fold out concertina poster designed by Jim Shannon, reminiscent of the sleeve notes and posters that came with vinyl LPs. The concertina contains essays about and by Toby, vignettes from his travels, thoughts on his work and technical details about the equipment he uses.

The postcards themselves are printed on high quality 400gsm matt paper with a silk finish.


Elettra Carini

Poetry in an image…when photographs speak, not only of other worlds but of places within the soul, hidden deep, personal and intimate, it is so incredibly touching.

The only risk is that you (like me) end up keeping all those wonderful postcards for yourself.

April 2016

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